New England Wooden Boat Gallery

Traditional small sailing craft are featured in our wooden boat gallery.
Most of these classics are designed by naval architects and boat builders
right here on the northern shores of New England.

Some are built the old way, using time-honored construction.
But many have been adapted with modern materials and techniques.

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Photos of the 2008 Small Reach Regatta


Cape Cod Catboat Kathleen

Cape Cod Catboat Kathleen

Bill Sauerbrey's boat building skills shine with this 28 foot C.C. Hanley designed Cape Cod Catboat. With her 900 feet of canvas, she's quite a departure in scale from the small sailboats usually built at Beetle Inc. of Wareham Mass.

The Boat Gallery

Small Sailboats

Nat Herreshoff"s Fish Class Sloop

Nat Herreshoff's Coquina

S.S. Crocker Compass

MacGregor Sailing Canoe

South Jersey Beach Skiff

JII Ness Yawl

Sharpie Cat Ketch

Kingston Lobster Boat

Caledonia Yawl

Catspaw Sailing Dinghy

Cape Cod Catboat Breck Marshall

Woods Hole Spritsail Boat

Fishing Schooners

Lewis Story

Thomas Lannon

Picton Castle

Lettie Howard

American Eagle


Stephen Taber

Schooner Maine

Scale Wooden Models

Nord Vinden Scale Model

Beach Skiff Scale Model


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