Woods Hole Spritsail Boat Reproduction

Sandy Ford, a Woods Hole Spritsail Boat

Sandy Ford at The Mystic Seaport Museum

This Wood's Hole Spritsail Boat was built by Sylvester Costelloe as a true reproduction project in 1976. While under John Gardener's watch at the Mystic Seaport Boat Shop, this boat was faithfully crafted from plans and actual boats in the historical archives. Mystic has several donations of this type of boat held in The Watercraft Collection.

The Sandy Ford is another fine work boat design with a lineage much like that of the Cape Cod Catboat. This boat worked closer to shore and had to navigate the turbulent eddies you find in the narrow passages around Wood's Hole. At 13'6'' overall with a 5'11" beam, she is smaller and narrower than the catboat for rowing as well as sailing. Fishermen had her mostly cat-rigged, but this one was built as a "cat ketch".

She is one of the most well-enjoyed boats available for visitors at Mystic's Boathouse. Nearly any day of the week you can take her out for a sail.
Almost never rigged as a ketch, just a handy single sprit-rig works fine.
You can tell by the look on the boy's face.

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