Where is the best sailing in New England?

Many among us would say, it's aboard a classic wooden boat sailing along
the coast. New England has a wonderful tradition of boat building.
This combination of wood and canvas, crafted with a love of the ocean,
may be one of the most impressive of all human creations.
Join us... as we look at how much they have to offer.

Just bring your spirit of adventure,

we provide a guide to the wind, water and great destinations.

New England Schooner Cruises

  • Plan a New England Cruise and escape on the deck of an authentic wooden schooner. We take you to our most magnificent harbors.

  • Discover a great get-a-way in New England. Small boats carry us
    to some of the best out-of-the-way places.

  • Our Maritime Museums hold a wealth of antique boats and nautical treasure. Join in with the events and on-the-water activities.

Boat Building Plans

Small sailboats built to traditional design present some great choices.
These boats are worth as much now as ever...their owners will tell you.
Boat building plans with several fine examples are shown in our gallery.

Traditional Small Craft

Small craft just get used and enjoyed more. Their tradition as small fishing boats called for simple and efficient rigging. We can trailer to just about anywhere and their shoal draft gives us all-around access.

New England Wooden Boat Gallery
Traditional wooden boats for sail and oar with work featured in our Wooden Boat Gallery by local boat builders. Access to boat plans.
New England Maritime Museums
Want to get out on the water? From small craft boat building to large historic restoration projects, our New England Maritime Museums hold a wealth of nautical treasure.
The Gloucester Schooner Festival
Tall Ships and Schooners under sail at the Gloucester Schooner Festival
Wooden Boat Building in New England
Boat building plans and sailboat designs from builders. The great tradition of wooden boat building in New England..
Small Sailboats
Designs for building small sailboats using traditional and glued lapstrake construction. Sensible plans for sail and oar.
The Lapstrake Sailing Canoe
Modern and antique versions of the Macgregor Sailing Canoe
New England Cruises
Traditional schooners provide New England cruises and charters for an authentic sailing experience along the coast.
Caledonia Yawl
The Caledonia Yawl and Ness Yawls designed by Iain Oughtred, fine and able small sailboats, are inspired by the Shetland Yoles of Scotland
Jersey Beach Skiff, Traditional Sailing Skiffs
Built from boat building plans held in the archives of the Smithsonian Institution, the Jersey Beach Skiff is a trailerable small sailboat.
Building the Ness Yawl
The Ness Yawl, a boat design inspired by the Shetland Yoals
Nat Herreshoff's Coquina
The elegant reproduction of the 1889 Nat Hereshoff Cat Yawl Coquina
Wooden Boat Events
2008 New England wooden boat events, boat shows and boat building workshops.
New England Weather and Tides
How's the weather in New England? Links to graphic New England weather charts,tides charts and web cams
New England Wooden Boat Gallery Invitation
A call to wooden boat owners! Post a story and photos. Join our New England Wooden Boat Gallery.
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Sailing Camp in New England
Youth sailing classes and sailing camp programs in New England teach seamanship and teamwork.
Visitors Gallery
Wooden boat images and boat building posted to our visitors gallery.